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"I'm what I might call a reluctant entrepreneur." Growing up, Alex was always finding ways to make money; starting with selling lemonade and an upsell purchase of his drawings of NHL hockey logos, followed by hustling lawnmowing jobs. His first summer job was at 12 years old and he worked for others (with a pit stop in between) until July 2017. He finally gave into his true nature of entrepreneurship and he is taking all his skills as a Chartered Accountant and applying them to entrepreneurial ventures.

Entrepreneurial Ventures & Education

CEO & Founder

Since 2016

Building off years of experience in financial reporting, which started with my crash course in taking Naked Brand Group public, I started an advisory firm specialized in providing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services, financial reporting, and accounting support. 

But beyond accounting services, I founded Treewalk to chart a brighter, more fulfilling career path for accountants. Listed as one of BC's best workplaces, Treewalk exists to help you get what you want out of a career; whether that be advancement, flexibility, or mastering your craft.

Kosan Travel Co.


2017 - 2020

My love of travel and making apparel has led me to start Kosan Travel Co., a one stop shop for travel clothing and everything you need for your trip.

We launched and crushed a Kickstarter campaign for our travel bag and travel dress.

NAKED Brand Group Inc.

CFO, COO, & Co-Founder

2012 - 2017

Helped my good friend, Joel Primus, get his big idea off the ground and sell underwear product into some of the very best department stores in North America. It was an absolute dream to help put Naked Underwear onto the shelves of Nordstrom.

In January of 2012, our episode on CBC’s the Dragon’s Den aired. Terrific experience and the negotiation lasted for nearly an hour. Attached is the 6 minute clip that appeared on Season 6. 

CEO & Co-Founder

Since 2020

Fiscal Talent Recruitment Inc. was born from an accounting firm offering services to public companies, which requires staff to display the highest level of technical competency and aptitude.


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